Micro mobility

How CTRL ENERGY help you extend your batteries life by 60% and reduce their management cost

How LIGHT BMS Can your users experience


Booking a scooter with a low battery can entirely ruin your user experience and limit the adoption.

LIGHT BMS can track in real-time every battery of your fleet to optimize your scooters collection & charging process.

LIGHT will protect your battery packs and extend their life


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Battery full protection

Battery calibration, charge & discharge management and protection for fail-safe operations.

Real-time charge and health monitoring

Geolocation of defective/empty batteries to optimize scooters collection and remotely deactivate any scooter with defective battery.

Analytics and forecasts

Anticipate batteries replacement and manage warranty during their lifecycle.

API Integration

With our API each battery's autonomy can be displayed to their users in the app fore they book a scooter

Help your user go further with a scooter

You can integrate LIGHT BMS data in any of your front-end or back-end applications.

Imagine displaying each scooters autonomy to your users or you staff and build advanced insights to boost your activity

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