Home ESS

Clean energy generation and storage for a self sustained off-grid home

Home ESS

Control Your Energy

Scalable, affordable, as easy to use as a power bank more powerful than a Tesla Powerwall. Each PowerTower can be split into 10 portable smaller units to match the users needs

Turnkey off-grid system

Opting for off-grid energy is a responsible choice and shouldn't be a luxury, we built our product with that in mind.

Up to 17 KwH

With 1,77KwH per unit that you can scale up to 17Kwh to run your entire house on clean energy!

Stackable design

You can stack up to 10 systems to meet the most demanding consumption needs

Cost Efficient

Clean energy shouldn't be a luxury, our vision is to make it accessible to everyone everywhere

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CTRL ENERGY builds innovative software solutions and cutting-edge hardware to push the boundaries of energy storage and distribution.



The most advanced battery management system in the market



1.7GwH in 40 feet to build a credible and sustainable alternative to power grids