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Bridging The Energy Gap

Bridging The Energy Gap

CTRL ENERGY ambitions to empower the shifting to an all-electric planet through cutting edge software and hardware technologies.

We aim to bring clean energy to everyone, everywhere at the best cost, our first building block in this journey is LEPO.

 LEPO breaks the codes of energy storage with the first fully reusable, modular smart battery. 

LEPO is the fist fully modular, reusable, scalable smart battery made of recycled materials.

With LEPO you can build any energy storage and supply system hassle free without any soldering or wiring in a matter of minutes

Modular design

0,1 to 200 KwH without wiring
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Smart charge

Dual charger off-grid / off-peak
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Simplify your replacement process
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Plug & Play

Install your ESS within minutes
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We are proud to be supported by first tier local and global partners to fulfill our vision

The change makers podcast

For over two centuries technology developed at the expense of nature, leading to a situation where every fifty years we had to tape what we had just broken for the sake of our comfort.

To build a sustainable innovation, technology must take in consideration its ecosystem and integrate the next step in its design.

In this podcast we invite change makers that will share their journey toward building a better future

our vision

The Future is off-grid

We believe that large grids are inefficient to sustain a credible shift to a all-clean energy planet due to their cost of construction and maintenance.

In addition the network itself is resources and capital intensive generating about 15% loss during the power transportation.

To help a quick and smooth clean energy adoption, we are working to build the next generation of micro & nano-grids.

Smart, Autonomous and connected with unmatched capacities to be a credible alternative to the grid

business solutions

Bringing Effective Green
Energy Solutions

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