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Never throw your battery again

LEPO is the first modular wire-free smart reusable battery entirely made of recycled materials.

Hard to break and easy to repair, LEPO is built to last, meet your requirements and evolve with your consumption.

LEPO tracks the health of each single cell so you replace only the defectives ones and 100% of returned cells are recycled 

0 Years
LEPO Duration
CO2 saved/module

One battery
Infinite Applications

With LEPO you can build any energy storage and supply system hassle free without any soldering or wiring in a matter of minutes.

 Any application where stationary and/or emergency energy storage is required can be achieved with LEPO ESS.

Ranging from 0.1 to 250KwH, with the cost of lead-acid, the density of lithium, and unmatched capabilities, with LEPO turn energy storage into your highest asset not your biggest liability




30% size & weight

Compared to lead-acid storage LEPO is smaller, lighter with a higher energy density
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75% off on battery cost

Save at least 75% on your battery remplacement cost by adopting LEPO
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30% off on energy cost

Cut your energy cost significantly with our dual smart charge system
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Faster/ Easy deployment

Build any battery of any size in a matter of minutes with wire-free prorietary system
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Efficient tracking

Track the health and charge of each cell inside each battery anywhere in the world
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190Kg CO2e saved

Improve your CSR strategy and protect the planet, everytime you use LEPO instead of other batteries
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Strong Technology

Energy for a better future

LEPO is supported by strong technology, a result of 03 years of R&D and 20 years of experience in trhe energy field.

Our BMS is the first chemistry agnostic management system that is versatile enough to accept any cell of any type.

Our matrix design can recompose the battery in real time to increase tension/capacity and insures literally zero failure rate.

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