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Large Storage

LEPO modular, scalable and wire-free design reaches its ultimate version when it comes to large storage.

With our stackable 3D technology LEPO matrix layers can be stacked horizontally and vertically to match the needs of any activity.

LEPO LESS (large energy storage and supply systems) ranges from 120 to 280KwH in one single enclosing integrated to the building, designed to provide the right amount of energy needed for a building, a campus, a datacenter or any production facility.

The installation can be scaled by adding more LEPO LESS, in addition LEPO modules monitoring and replacement can be done in real-time without any tool with our hot plug technology.

Convenient for

Added value

Cell health detection

LEPO modules track the cells health in real time and share the data with their basis locally and the energy manager remotely

Smart Charger

Our smart dual charger, select the optimal energy source and can recharge your LEPOs off-grid or on-grid during off-peak hours natively

Smart Management

Monitor and manage your batteries, anywhere in the world and from any device

Energy Saving

Save 30% minimum on your electricity bill and more than 70% on your battery replacement price

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