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Portable Storage Systems

LEPO+D portable lightweight energy storage and supply stations powered by LEPO batteries

Holding from 01 to 06 modules and ranging from 108 to 648Wh (Watt per hour). LEPO+D takes advantage of all LEPO’s benefits.

LEPO+D has nothing in common with your regular power bank delivering from 05 to 12V, you can rely on to charge all your devices multiple days.


Charge your smartphone at least 10 times


Charge your tablet at least 06 times


Charge your laptop at least 03 times

Light transportation

Charge your ebike or scooter

Emergency light

Get up to 54 hours of emergency light


Ignite your vehicle

Perfect for

LEPO+D is your perfect companion to energize your life, whether outside, at the office or at home, with its lightweight and high capacity charge all the electronics for days!


Minimal Outputs USB C x 03
USB 3.0 x 02
12V jack x01
Output Current 05V
Wireless Fast Charge Yes
LED Light Yes
Solar Panels Yes

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