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How CTRL ENERGY Would have changed Mr Robot trajectory

Spoiler Alert! If Mr. Robot is on your weekend watchlist, brace yourself for some spoilers. If not, and you’re curious about how a cleantech startup can alter the trajectory of a TV show, read on!

The season 3 finale of Mr Robot unfolded like a ticking bomb, with Elliot, AKA Mr Robot, and the F*Society leader joining forces with the enigmatic hacking group, “The Dark Army,” in a vengeful quest to annihilate E(vil) Corp.

Their plan, deviously simple yet terrifyingly effective, involved utilizing the backup servers’ UPS batteries within the building to orchestrate a colossal explosion. Considering that server rooms typically reside in a building’s basement for environmental control, it became the perfect target to detonate structures, irrespective of their size. While we may not be demolition experts, years of playing Minecraft shed some light.

For those not versed in battery intricacies, fear not; we’re here to guide you. The server room’s emergency power supply system, or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), commonly employs lead-acid batteries. These batteries emit minimal gas during discharge but, when charging, can produce explosive hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) gases, often accompanied by a mist of sulfuric acid. The resulting two-part hydrogen to one-part oxygen mixture is a recipe for disaster.

Now, imagine the consequences of hacking the system to overcharge these batteries.

In a parallel world where E Corp utilized CTRL ENERGY and LEPO (shame on us), this narrative would have unfolded quite differently. LEPO ESS replaces the charger and the UPS, ushering in an era without antiquated systems.

By employing blockchain for device authentication, securing the infrastructure becomes a formidable challenge for any attacker. To breach E Corp, they’d need to assail the entire blockchain and every device ever installed.

Assuming The Dark Army is willing to go to extreme lengths, CTRL ENERGY introduces yet another hurdle with LEPO’s end-to-end tunnel connectivity, leaving attackers with no recourse but an inside job.

Let’s credit our anti-heroes for their hacking prowess and social engineering skills; even if they managed to surpass us, the overcharged batteries would trigger our environment sensors, initiating an emergency protocol:

  1. Batteries swiftly disconnect from chargers and discharge instantly.
  2. Independent ventilation kicks into overdrive.

No charge, no gas, no explosion. Checkmate, my friend. In this alternate universe, the clash between CTRL ENERGY and the devious hackers becomes a strategic chess match, proving that innovation can alter the course of even the most explosive narratives.

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